CNC Retrofitting & Refurbishing

We are Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters & Services of CNC Controller Retrofitting, Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, NERI Controllers, CNC Controller Replacement and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Retrofitting :
• Reconditioning of Bed & Slides ( Grinding / Lapping )
• C-5 Class Ball screws
• Turcite Coated Slides
• Motorised Lubrication
• Turret / Linear Tool Indexing
• Pendent Console
• High Quality Powder Coating
Refurbishing :
• Reconditioning of Bed & Slides
• Repairs of Ball screws
• Bearing Replacements
• Motorised Lubrication
• Re-scraping / Replacement of Turcite
• Repairs / Replacement of LM guide ways
• CNC Control Replacement as per choice.




Cnc Retrofitting

CNC Control like Fanuc, Siemens are integrated on standard all geared lathes with hardend bed Retrofitting work comprises Reconditioning & Turcite coating for slides, lubrication, splash guards, ball screw alignments, Control interfacing with wiring for accessories etc. Part programming and training along with job trials is inherent part of our work
Benefits Of Retrofit over Second Hand CNC Lathe

  • You get a brand new controller with warranty of 2 years.
  • You get new ball screws for axis.
  • All the Bearings to the asis are new
  • All the above parts are very Vital in the CNC rather they are the basic parts which give you accuracy.
  • Slides are reconditioned and turcite coated.
  • Any change as per the requirement of Customer can be made.
  • Except Spindle and Basic Slides of the machine all the other parts are new.
  • So you get almost the new machine at very low cost with competitive performance.

Refurbishing is about adding new life to an old CNC machine in partially working or down condition using latest cnc controllers

Refurbishing work comprises:
  • Interfacing & wiring of new cnc Control
  • Reconditioning for slide with turcite coating
  • Repairs / Replacement of LM guide ways
  • Accessories overhaul for spindle, ball screws, turret, Hydraulic Power Chuck and Tail Stock

Machines Retrofitted


NL / NH / H, Vikram, LB


Enterprise, Turnmaster, H2D, Bombay.


124 / 141 / 500


 HD 65


 Nagmati - 400 


Weisser Heilbronn


Kirloskar, Cooper, Stanko, BERTHIEZ etc.