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  • Nano CNC system combined with precise nano calculation and leading-edge servo technology
  • Contouring Control effective for high-speed and high precision machining
  • Smart Tolerance Control makes it easy to adjust the precision needed for machining
  • Smart Overlap enables a shorter cycle time for machining parts
  • Servo HRV provides high-speed and high accuracy
  • Spindle HRV has high acceleration and high response
  • FANUC SERVO GUIDE with quick and smart tuning
  • Increasing the number of controllable axes makes it ideal for a wider range of machines
  • 15 inch display unit is available in addition to the 8.4/10.4 inch display unit
  • Loader is cost effective and easily configured with the new Loader Control function
  • FANUC Platform enables the convenience of a PC in the CNC
  • Support of various industrial networks and field networks
  • Direct editing and operation of the CNC program on memory card





Due to the technology-specific system software, the field of application of the SINUMERIK 828 controls ranges from vertical and basic horizontal machining centers � including, of course, mold making applications � to flat and rotary grinding machines through to dual-channel turning centers with counterspindle, driven tools and Y axis.
• Panel-based compact CNC
• Technologies: Turning, milling, grinding functions
• Up to 10 axes/spindles�+ 2 auxiliary axes
• Up to 2 machining channels
• 8.4" / 10.4" color display
• S7-200 PLC


SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED is perfectly preconfigured to meet the requirements of basic standard machines. SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED together with SINAMICS V70 drive and SIMOTICS S-1FL6 motor guarantees a high system performance. The high-speed bus communication between CNC and drive ensures a close loop for the position control, which leads to a high accuracy and optimum cutting performance. The international first class CNC technology opens up unparalleled potential for basic turning and milling machines.
Typical fields of application:
With the support of up to 5 axis/spindle, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED T system is sufficient for basic turning machines as well as for turning centers without Y-axis. Thanks to the Advanced Surface function and the high dynamic SINAMICS V70 drive system, the SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED M system also covers the machining of mold & die parts. SINUMERIK 808D ADVANCED M offers a high price-performance ratio for basic milling machines.

  • Higher cost-performance for realizing higher-grade machines
  • High-accuracy tapping with high-speed compensation control of spindle and servo
  • Simple programming system for machining center and lathe
  • Development tools for providing a CNC with customized solutions
  • Smoother cutting surface is achieved with one-nanometer position interpolation
  • Cycle time reduced with higher machining-control performance High Speed Performance
  • Multi-axis control and two-part systems for compatibility with various machines Multi Axis Max.
  • Capacity Machining program capacity is greatly enhanced to the standard of 500kB [1,280m].
  • Processing speed TypeA: 33.7k blocks/minute TypeB: 16.8k blocks/minute Machining program
  • Multi-program Up to 20 PLC program files can be registered, which are executed according to priority.
  • A PLC program can be split into each process and developed.
  • High-speed PLC engine installed (TypeA) TypeA is equipped with a high-speed PLC engine, helps enhance the performance.
  • Built-in PLC function M70series V Optimum Machine Response Direct Drive 20 PLC program files Start order management Memory

NE-901XT is a fully digital CNC controller with servo/Stepper motors & Drives suitable for Latbe machines, SPM or any 2 Axis Machines, System is very user friendly, operation is simple & clear, The system has a very high performance/cost ratio, It comes with 8.4 incb wide screen LCD colour display
• Inpur power : AC 220v
• AC frequency : 50Hz
• Output current range : 0-100mA
• Output voltage range : DC 0V
• Spindle analouge output port
• Spindle encoder input port
• Square - wave differential receive
• Hand wheel (MPG) Interface
• Spindle speed max 8000 RPM
• Turret interface 4/6/9 station